I Coach motivated men & women to become a POSITIVE
Force in all their relationships.

Are you Happy?

                       Are you living the life YOU dreamed of?

                                                       Are you where you WANT to be?

When was the last time you asked yourself these questions?
If you have...did you
like the answers?  Many of us don't ask,          
we just  keep doing the things we are used to doing.
          We would change if we knew how,
         thats where Life Coaching comes in.

We pay professionals to bring out the best in us,
Being coached in anything...sports, test taking, hobbies, cooking,
                          etc, Is invaluable!

So why don't we think to do it for our LIFE?
Self improvement
What is a Life coach:

  •    They help their clients lead more balanced lives that better reflect their personal values and goals.

  •     A professional who deals with relatively healthy people who want to improve their lives in
    specific ways.

  •      It differs from therapy in that the focus is on the present and future rather than the past, more on
    goals and behaviors than emotions and emotional patterns.  There is a more equal balance of
    power between the coach and client than between a therapist and client.

  •       The coach is not invested in the outcome.  It is Your agenda that is the focus.

                                                It's a Co-Creative Relationship

Have you been motivated to take classes, read books, seek advice?
Did you feel
more confused and misguided then before?  Did you
know what to do but
needed guidance and action?

You are not alone!

A life coach is your walking talking
self-help book.  You don't need to
go it alone.  You don't need to stay in the same patterns you are in now
-  With the same mindset that has giving you comfort. You CAN live in
choice. It will be
more comfortable and positive for you.

Don't wish...be in CHOICE!

Having choice is empowering.  The opposite of being at choice is
feeling victimized-a disempowering state of mind.

As your coach I will empower you. You will
chose to commit to your
success.  You can be in a state of
Positive Choice!
While we cannot control others, we CAN control our own feelings,
decisions and actions.  To know that YOU can take care of yourself,
make conscious choices,
and grow through
any consequence
is a powerful freedom!

That is what a life coach can do for you!

"Problems cannot be
solved at the
same level
of consciousness that
created them."
-Albert Einstein
"A coach is someone
who gets you to do
what you don't want to
do, so you can be who
you want to be."

-Coach Tom Landry
Football Hall of Fame
Please contact me,
Loretta Parete-Gonnella AC.Ht., CLC

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