Hypnosis In Action

Drew Barrymore

With years of alcohol and drug abuse behind her,
Barrymore, who began her love affair with cigarettes
at the age of 10, once described herself as a
"smokeaholic." Like Billy Joel, she turned to Yefim
Shubentsov (nicknamed The Mad Russian) when she
realized the effects smoking had on her health and
mind. Thanks to hypnosis, the Golden Globe winner
has ended her two-to-three pack a day habit.
Billy Joel

The Piano Man had been a chain smoker for over 25
years and tried to give up his nicotine habit over and
over again, but with no success. Everything changed in
2001 when the New Yorker read about world-renowned
hypnotist, Yefim Shubentsov, author of "Cure Your
Cravings." After just one session, Joel claims to have
never touched a cigarette again. "He is intense and
convincing," the singer told "USA Today." "He is a
remarkable man. I credit him for ending my 27 year
smoking habit."
Capetta, Amy. "Celebs Who Quit Smoking." Aol News. Aol, 2009. Web. 14
Feb. 2010.
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