What is Hypnotherapy?

    Hypnotherapy is the therapeutic application of hypnosis, a state of mind which everyone is
capable of achieving. It is a powerful, influential communication, which utilizes both conscious
and subconscious resources for healing and growth. The practice of hypnosis began thousands
of years ago, and it has been used since in many forms and contexts (healing, guided imagery,
relaxation, yoga, NLP etc.)

        Hypnotherapy uses various means to activate and strengthen the person, through
harnessing the mind's full capacities, mainly in a trance state. In trance, the ability to
communicate with inner processes is enhanced and intensified. The hypnotherapist guides the
client into a trance, a
wonderful state of relaxation; thereafter, the client and therapist work
together to induce the desirable changes and to internalize them.

What is Hypnosis?

It is widely held that Hypnosis is the state of heightened suggestibility.  It is brought about by
shifting the balance between two different parts of the mind.

They are:

The Conscious Mind - which is always active and deals with the outside world through our
sensory experiences in an objective way.


The Sub-Conscious Mind - is passive and accepts information subjectively and serves as a
resource.  The sub-conscious is the storehouse of all our memories and beliefs, and is also the
control center for the automatic functions of the body...(Heart Rate, Respiration, Perspiration,

Now during
Hypnosis, the Conscious and Sub-conscious parts of the mind undergo a
shift in balance.
The Conscious part of the mind recedes and becomes Passive, and the Sub-Conscious
becomes Active and accessible.
While in this state, the power of Critical Conscious Criticism is Suppressed, and
suggestions go directly to the
Sub-Conscious mind, and is taken as Fact, as long as it is not
contrary to the subjects
Ethical or Moral values.

 It's as though you are uploading fresh, positive, software to replace
the outdated or defective software that's now messing up your life!

Hypnotherapy Facts You Should Know:

Hypnotherapy is pleasant state of mind, similar to daydreaming, in which you become very
receptive to proper suggestions.

  • The effects are feelings of calmness, tranquility and profound relaxation.

  • You will not actually be asleep or unconscious. You will always be aware of your
    surroundings, but you'll easily disregard the normal elements in the environment.

  • You will always remain in control and be able to awaken yourself at any time.

  • You will reject any inappropriate suggestions.

  • You cannot get stuck in hypnosis.  If you are left alone, the absence of the hypnotist's
    continued dialog will cause you to come out of it.

  • The depths of hypnosis can be divided into three levels: light, medium and deep, and
    varies with each person.  The lightest level is sufficient to break most habits.  The most
    important factors are your motivation and ability to accept and follow the suggestions.

  • Anyone of average intelligence can achieve a state of hypnosis.  If you can focus your
    attention and use your imagination, hypnosis will probably occur immediately.  For
    varying reasons, some people do require some additional time and practice.

  • You cannot be hypnotized against your will. If you do not want to experience hypnosis,
    you won't.

  • Because hypnosis is a familiar and natural state of mind some people experiencing
    hypnosis are not sure if they were hypnotized or not.

  • Persons that expect to be unconscious might think they were not hypnotized because
    they retained awareness of the surroundings.  Hypnosis is a state of heightened
    awareness and focus, not a loss of consciousness.

  • You'll remember your hypnosis session.

  • Your attitude about reaching your goal is very important. A good attitude produces
    good results.

  • To achieve the maximum benefit from hypnotherapy, you must be willing to practice the

"The man who really
wants to do
something finds a
way; the other man
finds an excuse."

-E.C. McKenzie

"Problems cannot be
solved at the
same level
of consciousness that
created them."

-Albert Einstein
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