Coaching is meant to alleviate stress, not create it.  So I offer a verity of
services to my clients.  If you don't see what might work for you, contact me
and we will work together towards harmony and balance for both of us.

  • Coaching can be done in person; at my office.
  • Over the phone
  • or a combination of the two

Through communication, we can work out a schedule that will work, with
your goals as the first priority. One that creates the right environment for
change and is time sensitive. Timing is an important aspect in coaching.  
Too little, and your goals & agenda can't take flight, too much and It becomes
stale and unproductive.   
The Investment for coaching:
The Investment for Hypnotherapy:

Although I believe the troubled economy will get better, soon,  I also know
some need help and I am willing to give discounts.  I am in service to
people...not money.  

So call and we can work out a payment  that coincides with the
recommended program.

My intention is to make this growth process stress free and truly rewarding
both of us.

I believe in my abilities and your desire.  Together we will invest in

Would you like to learn more?

If you are seriously considering working with me, I invite you to call.
Let's spend 20 minutes together finding out if Hypnotherapy or coaching is for you , and if a
partnership between us would be aligned with your needs.  

                                                        Loretta Parete-Gonnella
                                             CEO Positive Life
                                                                      Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
                                                        Certified Life coach CTA

Please contact me at:     

 (973) 722-2766         or        E-mail
The Investment
As your life coach I will assist you to  .  .  .

  • Discover who you are, and what really motivates

  • Set and achieve proactive, powerful goals rather
    than just reacting to life!

  • Create the life AND career you want .  Follow your
    passions, priorities, and talents!

  • Gain a true supportive partner throughout the
    process to assure that you achieve your goals!

    accomplish more than you ever thought possible!
" Life is like a coin.  You
can spend it anyway you
wish, but you can only
spend it once."

-Miguel de Cervantes
As your Hypnotherapist:
Here are just some of the programs available...

Weight Management
smoking Cessation
Pain Management
Stress Alleviation
Memory Recall
Sadness/Emotional Difficulties
Phobias/Habits Resolution
Test Taking Stress Reduction
Marital conflicts
Sports Enhancement...Golf, High school sports, college sports, etc.
Surgery preparation/pre-op and post-op
Cancer treatment enhancement
Dental Anxiety...
 And More!!!