Positive Life
                    Welcome to Positive life!

Inside this web-site you will find the answers you need to live a
more positive life.  Not years from now...not 1 year from now...but
soon as you decide what you want, need, or desire!

It can happen...It
Will happen just that fast.

Maybe you don't know what you need, or want, or desire.  I can
help you work through those blocks.

Maybe you just FEEL like there should be more.
 And you are right.

So take a look and contact me with any questions.
You are here for answers.  I believe in the "Laws of Attraction"

I Also believe we
all deserve to live happy, productive, valuable
lives. But What WE see as valuable, happy, and productive.
Sometimes all it takes is to find someone to show you the way.   

Welcome!  My name is Loretta, and I am living
my dream, let me help you do the same!  I was
stuck and knew there was something more.  
We all feel it but most of us ignore it until it
becomes a dream we give a small voice to.
When we allow ourselves to hear it, It brings
regret and negativity.  Let me make it loud and
Positive!  All you
need is the voice no matter
how small you've made it!


Loretta Parete-Gonnella AC.Ht., CLC
Most people plod along day after day, realizing just a small percentage
of their potential.  They hope luck or some other mysterious, divine
power can change their lives.  They soon reach that age of
disillusionment and look around themselves.  Life seems to be passing
them by and they wonder why and how they missed the boat.

What they don't realize is that divine power to change,
is there, inside
them, waiting to be their obedient servant, capable of giving them
everything they always wished for.

A far fetched idea?  No.  Not far fetched.

It is a scientifically proven fact.  The secret starts with self awareness
and is completed by hereto-suggestions and auto-suggestions.

I have personally found through my training and research that
Hypnotherapy and Coaching are the quickest ways to obtain the
changes you desire.

You can get EVERYTHING you always wanted.
It is truly an easy first step, just ask!

And I promise it will be the most Positive experience of your life!
Be all you can be.  Show the world your true colors!
Please contact me,
Loretta Parete-Gonnella AC.Ht., CLC:

 (973) 722-2766         or        E-mail